Version 10.2 sp2

Version 10.2 sp2 is the second service pack for version 10.2. It includes 50 improvements to introduce stability and increase performance to Acctivate.

Version 10.2 sp2 was generally available on Thursday, April 20, 2017 (Build 4753). Some of the key improvements are listed below:

  • Use ENTER key for document number/ID on many windows
  • New “Find” and “Begins with” search options to improve performance and accuracy
  • Various fixes to Sales Orders, Order Manager, and Credit Card Processing
  • Improved memory management for synchronization with QuickBooks
  • Amazon and eBay web store synchronization fixes

The full release notes are listed below:

component summary
Configuration Unable to modify Tax Code Defaults under Inventory Options
Create Company Create Company process for CYMA users creates incorrect Pervasive/Actian database entry
Create Company “ACCTivate” displayed on Create New Acctivate Company window
Create Company Acctivate loses skin and does not look up to date after create company
Customer Customer last modification time may have incorrect time zone
Database Maintenance Add scripting ability for Database Verify (Update) for hosting providers
Database Maintenance “Incorrect syntax near the keyword ‘ADD'” may be logged during database upgrade
Database Maintenance Acctivate may not warn that the company database hasn’t been backed up
Email Minimizing email composer window crashes Acctivate
Email Unable to close Email window or Acctivate after attempt to send email with no To address
General Support use of Enter key in document number/id field for most windows
Import “File sharing lock count exceeded” error may occur when importing/updating data
Installation “Error running database update: User does not have permission to perform this action.” when updating Acctivate with Amazon RDS for SQL Server
Inventory Warehouse Bin/Location may be blank/Null for transfer sessions.
Inventory “Operator ‘*’ is not defined for type ‘Decimal’ and type ‘DBNull'” error when posting Assembly Transaction
Inventory Posting Inventory Transactions shows reports for users without Inventory Report permissions
Lookup New “Find / Begins with” search filters to improve performance and accuracy of results
Mobile “Could not load file or assembly ‘CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine …'” may occur when printing
Product Standard cost field may be blocked for a warehouse if open orders exist
Product “Only one sales order window may be opened…” message will continue to appear unless the order is closed via the message box
Purchasing Warehouse Ship To Address Does Not Change When Changing Warehouse On PO
Purchasing “Divide by zero error encountered.” voiding PO Invoice
Purchasing Prompt user to confirm that they want to undo actions since last save on purchase orders
Purchasing “Order quantity not entered” and “Conversion failed when converting from a character string to a uniqueidentifier” for Non-Standard (N) lines on the PO window in CYMA edition
Purchasing Purchase Invoice price may double after voiding related Inventory Receipt(s) and closing and reopening
Sales Order “Couldn’t process QBMS request” when voiding an invoice with payment before synchronizing to QuickBooks
Sales Order Query timeout expired SELECT AssemblyType FROM tbProduct… when trying to prepare invoices
Sales Order Payment information on sales order is partially cleared when invoicing fails due to rejection of expired credit card authorization, preventing the removal of the expired authorization
Sales Order EDI tab of sales orders shows 850 allowance percentages as $0.00, rather than percentages.
Sales Order Unable to charge credit cards when using the Prepare Invoices function
Sales Order Batch print pick tickets may exclude sales orders with an “OK” credit status
Sales Order Add warning icon to the available columns for Order Manager
Sales Order Order Manager should sort by Order Number column by default
Sales Order Make the Sales Order bar the default bar for Order Manager
Sales Order Hide Service Order bar in Order Manager for customers not licensed for Service Billing
Sales Order Add Sales Order Contact fields to Order Manager
Sales Order Shipping Workstation (billable) charges are not added to suggested Payment amount on Invoice Order window
Sales Order Increase size of Scheduled Qty field display at bottom of Enter Lots window
Sales Order “Credit Card number is required” when saving a Sales Order if “Allow Payment with Order” option is disabled in Configuration Management in CYMA edition
Sales Order Copy Order function should not copy the Picking Quantity for each Sales Order line
Sales Order Unschedule function in Order Manager should clear Workflow Status for Booked orders, instead of “Ready to Pick”
Sales Order Import “There is no row at position …” error may occur when importing sales orders
Sales Tax Tax Discrepancy of $0 shows for a Sales Order Invoice in QuickBooks that has a Blank Tax Category
Synchronization Always hide Payments tab on Sales Order in Intacct edition, payments do not sync to Intacct
Synchronization “There is not enough memory to complete the request” while synchronizing customers or vendors with QuickBooks
Web Store Amazon prices may be incorrect for order lines with a quantity greater than one
Web Store Canceled Amazon orders are being imported as Acctivate orders in the Scheduled status by default
Web Store Orders imported from eBay may duplicate the same product when the order has more than one product
Web Store “Request Error: You have exceeded the maximum allowed containers (21916254) (Subdocument ‘inventory’)” received when exporting inventory for eBay
Web Store Fix exception that occurs displaying log directory by clicking on hyperlink in web store sync window