Release History

Acctivate software updates are released at three version levels: Major, Minor and Service Packs. The following numbering scheme is used for version numbers:

  • 10.0 = Major Release
  • 10.1 = Minor Release
  • 10.1 sp1 = Service Pack
The Acctivate Major and Minor release history is listed below.  There are usually 3-4 service packs between each release.  You can also read a summary of the most Recent Updates.
Version Release Date Summary Release Notes
10.3 September 2017 Generate Inventory Assemblies from Alerts and Sales Orders, Multiple Lot/Serial numbers for Assemblies, Multiple Alternate Product IDs per product, Apply Credits for new Sales Invoices, Send Level 2/3 data for Credit Card processing, FTP support in Process EDI function, Updated Crystal Reports run-time, and a unified QuickBooks installer for international editions. HTML
10.2 December 2016 Sales Order Manager, Void (Delete) Inventory Transactions, WooCommerce 2.6+, Prepare Invoices improvements. HTML
10.1 June 2016 Multi-Field, Multi-Word Lookup windows, Workflow Status improvements, Create Credit from Sales Order, Automatic Web Store Sync, Customer Specific Price Categories, Schedule Sales Order from Special Order PO Receipts, Re-designed Notes with attachments, New Report Date Filters, Import Inventory Transfers. HTML
10.0 December 2015 Smoother, softer modern theme, consolidated header/detail tabs for orders, new Process EDI function, Track & Trace for Lot Numbers, support for payment gateway HTML
9.0 May 2014 Intacct Edition, AvaTax Sales Tax Service, SmartVault Document Storage and Sharing, Order Line Insert/Delete/Move and Sales Order Scheduling improvements. HTML
8.1 January 2013 Landed Cost, Custom Kitting and improved online registration and licensing HTML
8.0 July 2012 Full Multi-Currency support, Most Windows Re-sizable, Import Purchase Order Receipts and Balance Adjustments HTML 
7.4 November 2011 ACCTivate! Australia Edition, Multi-Currency for Purchasing only.  7.4 was not generally available for all editions.
7.3 September 2011 Web Store Integration, Copy PO function  PDF
7.2 March 2011 Units of Measure improvements, ACCTivate! Canada Edition  PDF
7.1 April 2010 ACCTivate! UK and South Africa Editions  PDF
7.0 June 2009 Dashboard, Reorder Wizard, Special Orders, Improved COGS and major user interface improvements  PDF
6.4 July 2008 Variable Build / Batch Process Manufacturing  PDF
6.3 October 2007 Multiple Location Control  PDF
6.2 February 2007 EDI and Package Manager for TrueCommerce, Sortable Grids  PDF
6.1 May 2006 EDI updates, Stability and Performance improvements
6.0 November 2005 User Interface Improvements, Credit Card Processing with QBMS
5.1 August 2005 Business Activity Mgmt, Kitting, Assortments, ACCTivate! Mobile, Shopping Cart / Order Import, Added Cost Receipts and Custom Fields
5.0 2004-2005 ACCTivate! available for QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise (US Editions)
4.7 November 2003 Job Billing and Job Budget Types
4.6 August 2003 Number when Invoiced Control Type
4.5 May 2003 Drop Ship Wizard, Print Labels, Item Types, Config Manager, Job Purchase Orders
4.1 December 2002 Job Management
4.0 April 2002 Shipping Workstation Integration, Copy Product
3.0 October 2001 Microsoft SQL Server, Exception/Error Reporting, Carrier / Service tracking
2.0 Spring 2001  Expanded Inventory Transactions and Stability
1.0 1999-2000 ACCTivate! integrated with CYMA IV for Windows


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