Version 10.3

Version 10.3 includes numerous improvements to Inventory Assemblies, multiple Alternate Product IDs, a new Apply Credits function for Sales Invoices, and a unified installer for international QuickBooks editions. You can learn more about the improvements in Version 10.3 by watching a recording of our What’s New in 10.3 webinar.

There were over 125 improvements, but just a few highlights:

  • Create Inventory Assemblies based on Inventory requirements in Business Alerts
  • Create Inventory Assemblies from Sales Orders via Sales Order or Order Manager windows
  • Improved support for multiple lot numbers for assembly components
  • Multiple Alternate Product IDs for each product to better support multiple sales channels / web stores
  • Apply Credits function to apply existing credit(s) to a new Sales Invoice in Acctivate
  • Include Level 2/3 data for Credit Card processing with and QuickBooks Merchant Service (QBMS)
  • Process EDI now supports FTP to transfer files to/from an EDI Service Provider
  • Latest Crystal Reports run-time engine with new, improved Report Preview window
  • Single installer for all QuickBooks international editions

Version 10.3 (Build 4843) was generally available on November 28, 2017. Please read our update instructions or visit the Downloads page now.

The full release notes are listed below:

Component Summary
Business Activity Ability to search (“Look For”) and re-sort Business Activities on Activities Tab of numerous windows
Business Activity Business Activity columns are sized incorrectly after maximizing the Acctivate window.
Configuration Configuration Management needs to be selected twice to open if other windows open
Configuration Fix crash when minimizing/maximizing config mgr with warehouse location panel visible.
Configuration When assigning printers in Report Config, assignment may go to the wrong report.
Create Company “Object variable or With block variable not set” when Copying invoices from QuickBooks with no lines
Create Company Out of Memory error may occur during Copying Invoices stage of Create Company
Create Company Vendor Bills and Journal Entries from QuickBooks are unnecessarily included in Create Company sync
Create Company Company creation may fail during “Copying invoices” with “Unexpected error. Check the “qbsdklog.txt” file for possible additional information.”
Customer User permission for Customer Ship-to information
Customer Some Canadian addresses may be changed to match a “California” address
Customer No response when clicking “View Location” on the customer ship to notes tab
Database Maintenance “Conversion from type ‘DBNULL’ to type ‘Date’ is not valid.” error returned when restoring a backup from a newer version of SQL
Database Maintenance Backup/Restore gets the file path from the “ACCTIVATE” database when another server hosts company database(s)
Database Maintenance Database Info and Database Sources windows do not match Acctivate theme
Database Maintenance “Error updating index statistics: Timeout expired” may occur at end of database update
Demo Company Reload Demo data may silently exit without loading the demo data
EDI Sales order displays incorrect 850 Import Date on EDI tab of sales order
EDI Warning when EDI Customer Purchase Order appears to have already been imported
EDI Include Carrier Service in the Shipment row of the Advanced Shipping Notice (856) export
EDI Support for sending and receiving EDI transactions using FTP versus local folders
EDI “Cannot change scheduled qty on top-level line of assortment” may be received when importing in from EDI
EDI Sales Order default Ship Via not set for EDI orders when the ShipVia value doesn’t match a valid Acctivate ShipVia
EDI Add configuration option to enable warnings if product on EDI order is inactive.
EDI Exp Date set to 1/1/1900 for imported 945 warehouse shipment on lot without expiration date
General International one-line addresses may be parsed incorrectly
General Maximum licensed users keeps Acctivate process running
General “Object variable or With block variable not set” error in OpenWindows when logging into Acctivate
General Prevent opening new window when GDI resources are running low
General Column sorting in some grids (Lookup and Customer Products) does not sort all rows if partial word matches exist
Help Pressing F1 to display help in Inventory Adjustments displays wrong article
Import Product Component may delete components when cancelling import
Import Unexpected error from external database driver (1). importing from Excel
Import “System.OutOfMemoryException” or “System.IO.FileLoadException: Could not load file or assembly …” may be received during Sales Order Import of 10,000 orders
Import Cannot import multiple vendor prices for a singular product ID.
Import Product Import in US (Non-VAT) version of Acctivate includes “Purchase Tax Code” field.
Installation Single QuickBooks edition of Acctivate that connects to US, Canada, UK and Australia (Reckon)
Installation Installer may not be able to validate login when behind a web proxy that requires authentication
Installation Downgrade to USP10.DLL located in ClientFiles folder if it exists for Crystal Reports font issues
Installation Hide legacy “previous installation has not completed yet” warning during install
Inventory Lot number field on the assembly window only allows for 25 characters but other windows allow 40 characters
Inventory FIFO Layers created from negative receipts may include more than two decimal places for the amount
Inventory Automatically generate inventory assemblies based on inventory requirements
Inventory Prompt to split Inventory Assembly component line when more than one lot is required
Inventory Option to Require Warehouse Bin/Locations when posting inventory transactions
Inventory Notes added to a saved Track and Trace session are not saved.
Inventory Act Qty is 0 on a split assembly transaction for a custom assembly with components marked as variable.
Inventory Add assembly product column to Inventory Assemblies transaction drop-down
Inventory Inventory Track and Trace may not show the “To Warehouse” part of a transfer
Inventory When using the Split Transaction button, the new session created should be for the Completed Quantity, not the Work in Process Quantity.
Inventory Refresh button does not refresh the Trace for Track and Trace
Inventory Edit > Undo on an existing Inventory Transfer deletes the session from the database.
Inventory “Invalid Column name ‘Exchange Rate'” error returned when trying to void transactions in Cyma Version of Acctivate
Inventory Invoicing Should Not Update Last Cost
Landed Cost Landed Cost Should Not Update Last Cost
License “Conversion from type ‘DBNull’ to type ‘String’ is not valid” may occur when starting Acctivate for the first time
Login Acctivate closes after selecting “No” when asked whether the user really wants to exit Acctivate
Lookup “Loading …” never completes in lookup windows, and “Cannot find … “dbo.fnContainsScore10″” is logged
Lookup Customer Lookup window filter text may not apply to results when opened too quickly
Lookup “Ambiguous column name ‘GUIDInvoice’.” received when using the Product ID or Product Description options on the Customer Invoice window.
Lookup Display Choose Product window when duplicate Alternate Product IDs exist for more than one product
Mobile Support for scanning Quantity using Application Identifier 30
Mobile Option for Mobile PO Receipts to use either the stocking unit or purchasing unit
Mobile Add support to Mobile Picking for scanning barcodes containing net weight for lot or serial numbers (Application Identifiers 310 and 320)
Mobile Duplicate serial numbers may be picked when using Mobile Picking
Mobile Use Report Description for Mobile Receipts “Print Put-Away List” option
Mobile Acctivate mobile installer may fail with “Could not open Url: ​https://…/AcctHandheld/Client/CabList.txt Error Number: 12045”
Notes Track and Trace Note Tab missing ‘New, Delete, Edit’ buttons
Notes User is prompted to save unsaved data on new notes when choosing to delete the note
Product Multiple Alternate Product IDs with conversions for sales and purchase orders
Product Empty row cannot be inserted. Row must have at least one column value set entering supplier name
Product Hide Variable checkbox from product component tab when not applicable for BOM
Purchasing Using enter key on detail lines causes cursor to move to a higher row of lengthy PO’s.
Purchasing Purchase Order Line Numbers may be duplicated after adding an item to an existing PO then scrolling up
Purchasing Multiple inventory receipts and vendor bills for a PO line are now sorted by date for matching to update Unit Cost
Purchasing “Row handle referred to a deleted row or a row marked for deletion.” exception received selecting ‘Undo’ on Purchase Order
Purchasing PO Invoice does not update unit cost on transfers posted between receipt and invoice for serialized/lot controlled items
Purchasing Prior Period Adjustments may be calculated incorrectly for lot or serial-numbered items using actual cost method
Purchasing “Cannot delete PO Line with unposted receipt session” may appear after attempting to remove a product from PO after voiding inventory receipt session
Purchasing Typing Vendor Product ID on PO Sets Quantity to 1
Registration Acctivate window theme may be lost after opening Register Acctivate window
Reports Include spaces between words from database field names for Report Selection Prompts
Reports Product Summary by Period report doesn’t include Landed Cost in the Adjustments Amount formula
Reports Update Crystal Reports to latest version
Reports File names exported from Crystal Reports are always lower case
Reports Orders.SoldToAddress may include a space for International Addresses
Reports Assembly Work Order Report formatting incorrect for non Assembly (Process) items.
Reports Use Paper Size from Crystal Report (RPT) file instead of printer settings
Reports SalesOrderSummaryChart.rpt has an incorrect record selection formula.
Sales Order Sales Order Detail lines are removed after receiving “[fOrder].[gOrderDetails_RowLoaded]:is missing a GUIDOrderDetail on line 3, subline 0 on order ”.”
Sales Order Sales Orders from EDI cannot be invoiced if Sales/COGS accounts are selected by Sales Category
Sales Order “Sheridan.Data.Widgets Product is not installed properly …” may appear when adding lines to a sales order
Sales Order Clicking off of and back onto the Sales Order window will reset the grid to line 1
Sales Order Prompt to apply existing customer payments and/or credits (from QuickBooks) when creating a new customer invoice in Acctivate
Sales Order Function to automatically generate inventory assemblies from the Sales Order and Order Manager windows
Sales Order International Address parses incorrectly
Sales Order Add PO and On Hand Qty to Kit components window
Sales Order Allow alternate units of measure to be selected on a sales order for Labor, Shipping and Other Charges
Sales Order Option to clear Credit Approval on a Sales Order, putting it back on hold
Sales Order Provide sales order/invoice level 2 and 3 data to or QuickBooks Merchant Service (QBMS)
Sales Order Invalid Product ID message may prevent opening Choose Product window
Sales Order “Multiple-step operation…” occurs when invoicing an order after upgrading to 10.2
Sales Order Cannot find Product or Warehouse, Order (order number), Line Number 1 when attempting to invoice order.
Sales Order Add GUIDRelatedOrder and RelatedOrderNumber to the Orders data view for Credit Memos linked to Orders
Sales Order Sales Order entry grid may not validate input after using the Choose Product window for a non-standard line
Sales Order Various errors from Sales Order entry grid before Line Type is selected
Sales Order Add lot and serial numbers from special order PO receipts to linked sales order lines
Sales Order Product ID on Special Order PO can be changed.
Sales Order Unable to enter Ship To Comment longer than 50 characters on Customer and Order windows
Sales Order Allow user to change and remember the size of grid for components window.
Sales Order Sales Order grid copies PrQty/Weight from original order when order is copied with Lot/Weight
Sales Order Import “Either BOF or EOF is True…” received on Sales Order Import when importing Non-Standard Drop Ship line on order.
Sales Order Import Import lot/serial numbers (new column) via Sales Order Import from Excel/CSV
Synchronization Before recreating payment records in QuickBooks, verify the record doesn’t already exist in QuickBooks with a different internal Txn ID
User Interface Right-click menu in File Open dialog has no text
User Interface Unable to scroll using scroll bars in report preview window.
User Interface Update Codejock user interface components to Version 18.0.1 and Skin Framework 16.3.1
User Interface Include sales order custom fields in Order Manager column chooser
Web Store Magento default mapping maps both discount at header and detail level
Web Store WooCommerce may return “Information from server: woocommerce_rest_cannot_view: Sorry, you cannot list resources”
Web Store Update Magento order status to “Processing” after downloading into Acctivate and “Complete”when invoiced
Web Store Preview xml output on web store configuration screens
Web Store Speed up sync by refreshing log every ten lines after a thousand lines
Web Store ASPdotNetStoreFront webstore error “XML declaration must be the first node in the document”