Version 10.3 sp7

Version 10.3 sp7 is the seventh service pack for version 10.3. It includes 27 improvements to introduce stability and increase performance.

The update was generally available on August 16, 2019 (Build 4956). Some of the key improvements are listed below:

  • Support for latest Intuit Payments API
  • Fix for problems with Windows 2019-08 update
  • Improved support for BigCommerce v2

The full release notes are listed below:

Business Activity Linking a Customer ShipTo Location on a Business Activity will display the Location, but not the CustomerID
Business Activity RelatedItem and RelatedItemDescription are not populated in BusinessActivitiyRelatedItems view for Lot/Serial numbers (XrefType = #)
Business Activity Save Email from Business Activity sends the email
Configuration ‘Object reference not set to an instance of an object.’ when using the search function in the QuickBooks Class lookup window.
Database Maintenance Database update doesn’t log status when run from Acctivate Database Maintenance
EDI Allow users to select the Packaging Type at the Shipment Level in Package Manager.
EDI Sales Invoices with a Total Amount of $0.00 are not exported via EDI
Import Product ID match for Import Data may be slow if a large number of Alternate Product IDs exist
Inventory Availability not being utilized to calculate suggested quantity on Assembly Mgmt tab
Login Users may be able to open multiple instances of Acctivate on a single machine
Lookup “Invalid procedure call or argument” error message for lookup windows after installing Windows 2019-08 cumulative update
Mobile Mobile Sales Order picking blocks the user from changing the location a lot should be picked from
Mobile Mobile KG to LB unit factor converts incorrectly
Product “PutField ” into GUIDVendor: Item cannot be found in the collection…” When adding vendor pricing to a product
Product Business activity not shown on product information when activity is linked to lot/serial number
Purchasing Copy Purchase Order copies the Invoice before Saving new Purchase Order
Purchasing Using Product Lookup to add product to Special Order PO may result in an “Operation was cancelled…” exception on save
Purchasing Due Date automatically changes after creating PO invoice
Sales Order “Conversion from type ‘DBNull’ to type ‘String’ is not valid.” may occur when posting an inventory transaction
Sales Order Optimize database query to improve load times for large sales quotes, orders and credits
Sales Order Support for latest Intuit Payments API (QuickBooks Merchant Service)
Shipping Opening a Shipment in Package Manager result in an error loop of “Invalid use of Null” and “Key is not unique in collection”
Shipping Improve usability of “Items Remaining to Pack” list on Package Shipments window
Web Store Shipment tracking information isn’t being exported to BigCommerce
Web Store Support OAuth authentication for Bigcommerce V2
Web Store BigCommerce V2 Shipment 404 error handling
Web Store Inventory Export for WooCommerce unable to filter by product SKU