Version 10.2

Version 10.2 includes a powerful new Sales Order Manager feature to help businesses improve their efficiency in processing a large number of sales orders quickly.  You can learn more about the Order Manager from our November webinar archive.  Other 10.2 improvements were covered in the December webinar archive.

There were many other enhancements and bug fixes including 70 improvements.

  • Process (bulk) sales orders quickly with new Sales Order Manager
  • Function to void (delete) a posted inventory transaction
  • Sort rows in Lookup windows by clicking on column titles
  • Numerous improvements to Prepare Invoice wizard:
    • Capture credit card authorizations
    • Charge credit cards saved with orders
    • Bulk emailing of invoices (PDF) with messages templates
    • Enter tracking numbers for shipments
  • Web Store Integration with WooCommerce 2.6+

Version 10.2 (Build 4728) was generally available on December 27, 2016.  Please read our update instructions or visit the Downloads page now.

The full release notes are listed below:

Component Summary
Business Alerts Additional fields for each sales order in Sales Order Manager (Origin, Branch, Entered by)
Business Alerts Preferred Supplier may be incorrectly displayed in Inventory Mgmt
Configuration ReturnRS Error: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server, Incorrect syntax closes Acctivate if Carrier name has apostrophe.
Create Company Support for Manufacturer’s Part Number in QuickBooks 2007 and later
Create Company “Operation is not allowed when the object is closed” may occur when creating new company
Create Company Downloading Orders during the Create Company wizard may return “Timeout Expired…” exception
Create Company Incorrect syntax near the keyword ‘NOT’ error during CreateCompany
Customer Improve performance of Customer Information Products tab when the customer has many invoices
EDI Support for multiple lot/serial numbers for one Sales Order line in Warehouse Shipment (945) import
EDI Incorrect Syntax near the keyword ‘ON’. received when processing 856 files.
EDI EDI Orders Created With No Bill To and/or Ship To Address Data Or Customer
EDI Merchandise Type Code does not export on the EDI Advance Ship Notice
Email Send bulk emails with an attached report from the Sales Order Manager
Email Reply or Reply All doesn’t copy the body of an email message if there is an “Invalid email address”
Email Add support for dropping Outlook .msg files from Windows to Acctivate
Email Option to send email messages with invoice attached (PDF) during Prepare Invoices
General “Out of memory” exceptions may occur when opening new windows
General Hide instead of unload document windows frequently used for drill-downs
General “Extension functions cannot return null values.” error when calling custom function StrJoin() from an xpath expression
General Add support for CYMA 16.0
General Opening a lookup window before the window is opened may cause unexpected behavior
Import Warehouse records created on Product Import rather than failing for not existing in configuration
Import Inventory Transfer Import – Conversion from type ‘DBNull’ to type ‘String’ is not valid if Warehouses are not specified
Installation Unexpected error connecting to SQL Server: Could not create SQLServer object: 80040154
Inventory Product ID/Description may not expand (“grow”) properly on some Inventory transaction reports
Inventory Include Warehouse Locations on inventory transaction/session reports
Inventory Option to Delete or Void a posted inventory transaction
Inventory ProductWarehouseReorder data view based on Inventory Management tab of Business Alerts
Inventory Total Qty field on split assembly transaction not populating when build qty set to 1.
Inventory Display only locations and quantities related to selected lot in Inventory Transfer window.
Inventory Inventory grids may open tightly compressed, or with other unexpected column widths
Inventory Track and Trace does not include Inventory Issues, Balance Adjustments, or Adjustments
Inventory “Posted” status and user on Inventory Transaction reports
Inventory Inventory Transfer Form (report) should include both the From and To Locations, Transaction Date, and Note
Landed Cost Posting a Landed Cost transaction may debit and credit the Landed Cost Offset account
Lookup Click Column Title in Lookup windows to change grid sorting
Lookup Lookup Products By Supplier configuration option doesn’t work.
Mobile Picking a kit on the Mobile does not allow you to change location of the component
Product Multiple Vendor Product IDs for the same vendor for a product
Product “Invalid column name ‘GUIDCurrency’.” error when selecting a Substitution for a Custom Kit Component in Cyma
Purchasing Drop Ship Purchasing Wizard does not show lines if customer is over half of Credit Limit
Purchasing “Invalid object name ‘Ar_Invoice_OQ'” may appear whenever attempting to open the Drop Ship Wizard
Purchasing PO quantity may not round properly when using alternate units of measure
Reports Change YearWeek database view to follow ISO 8601 week numbering
Sales Order Option to process credit cards and/or capture authorizations during Prepare Invoices wizard
Sales Order Update Workflow Status for multiple Sales Orders at a time
Sales Order Add ability to add tracking numbers on prepare invoices screen
Sales Order Include most recent Tracking Number in Orders data view for reports and email templates
Sales Order Expand Customer PO field on Sales Order and Invoice from 20 to 25 characters for QuickBooks users
Sales Order Sales Order Manager with multiple Filters and Actions
Sales Order Scheduling a Sales Order in a Backordered status may not properly reschedule kit components
Sales Order New “Completed” Workflow Status for Completed (Invoiced) Sales Orders
Sales Order Create default workflow status for printing pick tickets
Sales Order Simplify Prepare Invoices window
Sales Order “Invalid product ID” message appears, but allows you to click out of Detail grid without correcting it
Sales Order Cash Payment Types are saved as Credit Card Payment Types in Acctivate for CYMA
Sales Order Price goes to zero or remains list price for line items after selecting price code
Sales Order Unable to revert to Sales Order default ship-to address on a drop-ship PO
Sales Order “Row handle referred to a deleted row or a row marked for deletion” error when scrolling after deleting last line item
Shipping Simplify Prepare Shipments window
Shipping Shipment Preparation results in Invalid Column Name GUIDCustomer error when run in CYMA edition.
Synchronization Non-Nullable Column cannot be updated to Null. Insert into ACCTivate:TaxIncluded during sync with Reckon Accounts (Australia)
Synchronization The “retrieving” step of payment synchronization does not indicate progress (e.g., 100 of 1000 items)
Synchronization “Query time out expired” may appear on customers while running a synchronization
Web Store When skipping an order, store log messages in the Note field
Web Store Web Store Integration with WooCommerce 2.6+
Web Store Update Channel Advisor mapping template to include Order Header Deleted and Skipped fields
Web Store Timestamp not advancing with new order imports from webstore
Web Store Progress indication when exporting inventory to Magento
Web Store Ignore canceled orders when checking for duplicate orders during web store sync.
Web Store …exception #102: Cannot create an empty shipment. (Subdocument ‘shipment’) may be returned when exporting shipments to Magento