Version 8.0.1

ACCTivate! 8.0.1 was the first service pack for version 8.0 and was released on August 28, 2012.

The release notes are listed below and also available for download (PDF).  You can also download the release notes for the CYMA IV Edition (PDF).

The five digit number to the right of each item is the ticket number for the enhancement or bug fix.

Business Activity Management
Business Activity Review performance problems after ACCTivate! 8.0 update 57503
N/B Time entries may not be marked as 100% discount on Service Order 57613
Business Activity Billing wizard may crash when loading after upgrading to 8.0 57694
Blank row in Warehouse Location list after tabbing to next line 57601
Create Company
Set SQL Server database recovery model to “Simple” for new ACCTivate! companies 57518
Customer Information
Option to exclude a specific customer(s) from “Overdue Invoices” credit check 56734
Custom Information is saved from Previous Open Customer record when creating a new customer 57680
EDI Manager
A Purchase Order line may be split to multiple Sales Order lines 57659
Import Data
Import Data (Receipts) does not create zero-quantity “Added Cost” transactions 57693
Inventory Management
“Lot / Serial number not found” message after selecting a lot or serial number for an Inventory Issue 57632
Import Data (Receipts) should use Stocking Unit for Lot and Serial numbers for a Purchase Order 57648
Cannot Override Warehouse Bin/Location on Inventory Receipt 57649
Multiple “Lot / Serial Number will be required…” messages when closing Inventory Receipts window 57662
Exception error prevents the split assembly function from working properly 57713
“Either BOF or EOF is True…” error when opening an unposted Inventory Assembly session 57740
Packaging Manager for ACCTivate! Canadian and Australian editions 57731
Product Information
Prompt to include Vendor Product ID and Price in Copy Product 57525
Non-Product Custom Fields are included in the Find Product By list 57654
Purchasing Management
Purchase invoice will not allow 0.00 as Price with a non-zero Req Price 55698
Reorder report should include Purchasing Unit quantity defined on Product Information window 56763
Purchase order window allows creation of receipt when in Request for quote status 57215
Received and Invoiced quantity are blank when entering a new PO 57563
Import Data (Receipts) may not select the proper PO line if item exists on multiple lines 57671
Invalid column name ‘PONumberSort’ when using Purchase Order lookup by Sales Order Number 57690
Date may not be blank on Purchase Order forms 57711
Incorrect Syntax near ‘,’ Checking purchase invoice line against receipt when using 1.000,00 number format 57717
Sales Order Import
“Not a valid date” when importing sales orders containing a date not formatted as mm/dd/yyyy 57596
“Cannot change line type …” error when attempting to override Sales Order Line Type 57725
Sales Order Management
Cannot select Lot or Serial Numbers for Assortment / Matrix selections 54067
Allow input in “Number” field for Cash payments entered with sales orders 55720
Payment Reference Number is required for any Payment Methods other than “Cash” 57189
Credit Memo doesn’t allow a Warehouse Location with no Stock on Hand to be selected 57218
Number when Invoiced items should not show “Edit” button on Sales Order Lot/Serial window 57426
Customer ID not populating on Prepare Invoices 57482
Sales Order Ship Via Default Carrier and Carrier service do not populate correctly 57529
Sales Order Line Item will populate with price identical to first line item 57543
Violation of Primary Key constraint when entering products on a sales order 57586
“Empty row cannot be inserted…” error when saving Sales Order 57587
“Sales Quote …” flashes to “Sales Order” temporarily when existing Sales Quote window gets focus 57591
“There is not another Lot/Serial available to select” message appears for Number when Invoiced items 57643
Lot or Serial-Numbered Drop Shipment items will not allow you to add lot/serial number on sales order 57651
Selected Lot quantity may change after moving to new row or closing Select Lots window 57652
Sales Tax should not be recalculated when synching as separate line item for QuickBooks 57656
Sales Invoice Line Amounts do not match Sales Order when an Invoice Discount exists and Prices incl Tax 57660
“Either BOF or EOF is True.” when looking up a sales order that does not exist 57661
Unable to select or enter in an existing lot number when creating a credit memo 57687
“Invalid Use of Null” when releasing order 57697
Saving and Printing a sales order removes detail line items 57715
Copying Sales Order fails if there are no detail lines 57730
Include Carrier Service field on Carrier tab of Package Shipments window 57031
Synchronization with QuickBooks
Synchronization Log File (SyncLog.txt) is not created 57640
Method ‘~’ of object ‘~’ failed error may occur during G/L account synchronization with QuickBooks UK Edition 57685
Web Store Integration
Web Store configuration option to limit sales orders from a particular Store ID 57616
Clarify “Invalid XML document” if webservice returns zero length data 57647