Version 8.0.2

ACCTivate! 8.0.2 was the second service pack for version 8.0 and was released on October 9, 2012.

The release notes are listed below and also available for download (PDF).  You can also download the release notes for the CYMA IV Edition (PDF).

The five digit number to the right of each item is the ticket number for the enhancement or bug fix.

Changes to Customer Type list should only be made in QuickBooks 57091
Customer Information
Contact Middle Name may be excluded in Customer and Bill To Addresses 57630
When sending an email to a customer from an invoice the email address is cut off if too long. 57780
Import Data
Product Price Import requires Customer to be mapped 57795
Inventory Management
Standard Costing entries not correct when syncing between Receipt and Purchase Invoice 57743
Yield Quantities should not appear on “Split Transaction” for standard Assemblies 57839
“Annual” column in Monthly Demand Summary report may be incorrect 57846
Cannot search by Account Number when selecting GL Accounts 57737
“Cannot insert the value NULL into column ‘GUIDOrderDetail'” received during count 57747
Conversion from type DBNull to type String when adding product on count sheet with mobile 57758
“Could not submit order” message may be received submitting an Order in Mobile 57813
Product Information
“Cost Method” change should not be logged on Transactions tab for warehouses with no transactions 56187
Last, Mgmt and Avg Cost may be shown for assembly components for users without permission to view costs 57792
Purchasing Management
Purchase Invoice displays Price in Amount Approved column 57881
“The field name is not known” error when filtering Assembly Component Report on Product Class 57539
Sales Order Management
Contact Information may not update immediately when changing Customer on a Sales Quote, Order or Credit 56655
Sales Quote totals are 0.00 after using the Copy function from a previous Sales Quote 57726
Voiding Invoice may incorrectly calculate totals when a sales order discount amount exists 57733
Toggling ‘Prices Incl’ VAT option on Invoice will update prices incorrectly. 57750
Price for first line of Sales Order may change to 0.00 after adding shipping charge 57765
Resizing Sales Order window does not always resize components correctly 57770
Autofill no longer functional when adding lot or serial numbers to Sales Order 57772
Carrier and Service are not set for Sales Orders created from Customer Information window 57783
Print Pick Ticket wizard should exclude Sales Orders in the “Not Ready to Pick” workflow status 57810
View Customer, Print and Email Invoice functions may not work on Invoice / Credit Memo window 57815
Improvements to Sales Order Workflow Status sequence in drop-downs 57835
“Amount” column does not include Line Discount % when “Prices incl VAT” option is selected 57847
Quote does not store contact information when an edit or print command is made 57850
Missing Sales Order Workflow Status codes in Configuration Management 57864
Prepare Shipments should exclude Sales Orders for Customer Locations with “Hold Shipments” flag 57802
Synchronization with QuickBooks
QuickBooks “Unknown Error” during new customer record synchronization 57672
Web Store Integration
Sales order lines not computing VAT correctly when using Native Template 57752
Ignore Cancelled Orders from Magento Commerce 57761
Magento sync downloads all orders when last order number has a dash “-” in it 57790
Column ‘GUIDOrder’ does not belong to table error received with Export Shipments turned on for CoreCommerce 57800
Default prices come in as 0.00 for products with only a list price 57851