Version 9.0.2

ACCTivate! 9.0.2 is the second service pack for ACCTivate! 9.0. It includes over 60 improvements to increase stability.

ACCTivate! 9.0.2 was generally available on September 4, 2014 (Build 4026). Some of the key improvements are listed below:

  • Further improvements to Sales Order entry to increase stability
  • Inventory Assembly transactions may result in a “Transaction not in Balance” sync error

The full release notes are listed below:

Attachments Allow integration with SmartVault for CYMA and Intacct users
Business Activity Sales Order not automatically added as Related Item on Business Activity
Business Activity “Illegal data value.” message received when editing Time entry value on Business Activity
Business Activity Kitted Materials added on a Business Activity may display components or duplicate the kitted product.
Configuration “Cannot insert the value NULL into column ‘StatusCode'” when adding new Business Activity Status
Create Company Exceptions received when looking up GL Accounts during Create Company
Create Company Selecting the option to preserve the item hierarchy during create company causes exception error.
Create Company GUID Account shown in GL Lookup during Create Company and no Account Type filters
Create Company QuickBooks Sales Orders may contain invalid or blank unit of measure values, causing Create Company process to fail
Custom Fields “Cannot insert duplicate key…” exception may be received when adding a new list item of a Custom Field.
Custom Fields “Item cannot be found in the collection corresponding” when adding a custom field on the “Detail” tab on orders
Custom Fields “Operation was canceled” error when value for Custom Field list exceeds maximum length
Customer The Customer product lookup “Look For” field may be slow when entering text
Database Maintenance ‘Remove Company’ function in database maintenance does not remove company
Database Maintenance Users may no longer be prompted to make a backup of the ACCTivate! database
Database Maintenance Enhancements to Backup/Restore in Database Maintenance
General Custom field window may appear on different monitor from main ACCTivate! window
Import Allow importing of “location” on lot/bin item import when multiple location module is not enabled
Import “Operation is not allowed in this context” after importing product with an invalid Product Type
Import Balance Adjustment import may import in incomplete detail records for errant import lines
Installation Performance problems when View.DDF file is missing in CYMA edition
Inventory Available quantity recorded on LocationSummary view is incorrect
Inventory Balance Adjustment window may not populate the current Quantity and Value if ProductID is manually entered.
Inventory Inventory Assembly transactions may be out-of-balance after posting, causing an “Transaction not in Balance” synchronization error
Inventory “Invalid use of null” may be received when looking up a GL Account in the inventory issues window.
Job ‘Type Mismatch’ error may occur when opening a job in job management
Landed Cost Entire Warehouse Quantity populating Landed Cost Window for a Lot Numbered Item
Landed Cost Clicking Tab after entering Product on New Landed cost line removes product
Lookup Add ability to increase row height in lookup grids
Lookup Remember selected row in Business Activity Lookup window after re-opening
Lookup PO Number Sort field is visible in PO Lookup window
Lookup Unable to filter Product Lookup on Specification field contents
Lookup Paged lookup windows accept Enter button when no records are available
Mobile Unable to scan Sales Order barcode to display Sales Order on Mobile
Mobile Unable to post inventory transfers for serial numbered items when session created with Mobile
Pricing Price Code may not override the price category when adding related product to sales order
Pricing Sales Order may not select correct Price Code when using Low/High Quantities
Purchasing Exchange rate defaults to 1 regardless of vendor currency when using reorder wizard
Purchasing Approved price unit cost does not match the receipt if the receipt unit cost changes
Purchasing Outstanding amount on purchase order may be incorrect if product stocking unit does not match purchasing unit
Purchasing Purchase Invoice Approved Quantity may be incorrect after invoicing partial quantity
Reports Invalid column name ‘Descripiton’ error received when using Resolution Code on reports
Sales Order Customer Invoice Discount isn’t reset on a copied Sales Order
Sales Order When job name is truncated and ends with a space on the sales order, the sales order cannot find that customer:job and requests to make a new customer
Sales Order After a partial invoice, line numbers that were invoiced are reused.
Sales Order Unable to delete Detail line from Sales/Service Order/Quote when created from Business Activity
Sales Order Exchange Rate on Customer Sales Invoice may be 1.0 for Foreign Currency invoices
Sales Order Clicking “Show Completed Lines” while editing causes changes to be lost
Sales Order “Object Variable or With block variable not set” when looking at kit components on a sales order
Sales Order Pressing enter to choose a serial number on a Sales Order should cause the cursor to jump down to the next serial number field.
Sales Order Lot/serial numbers for drop ship lines on a sales order disappear after saving
Sales Order Management Cost + Percent pricing may not be used for drop ship items.
Sales Order Hitting [Enter] on Sales Order Enter Lots window may move cursor to the incorrect field in the next row
Sales Order “Invoice not released” message received when invoicing Sales Order with backordered kits with lot controlled components
Sales Order Place cursor in Enter Lot / Serial Numbers grid on pop-up window
Sales Order “Multiple-step operation generated errors” when creating invoice with a lengthy SoldToName/BillToName value
Sales Order Import Sales Order Import ignores Customer’s default discount percent upon import
Shipping Track Package URL in Carrier configuration doesn’t handle HTTPS urls properly
Synchronization Duplicate payment records showing on Intacct customers
Synchronization Intacct Invoice Sync errors when attempting to create an Intacct item that already exists
Synchronization “Non-nullable column cannot be updated to Null” error when synchronizing with QuickBooks
Web Store Shipping and Special Instructions on Customer record not pulling in on Web Store orders
Web Store “An item with the same key has already been added.” exception received when attempting to sync with Channel Advisor