Include Shipping Charges on Invoices

Acctivate offers a Shipping Workstation module which allows customers to import and export Order and Package information via UPS Worldship or FedEx Ship Manager.  If your company is using the Shipping Workstation module and would like to select to include the exported

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Carrier Void Option

This section allows for information to be shared between your shipping software and Acctivate to coordinate management of entered, but voided shipments. Your shipping software will have codes that it uses to determine if a shipment is voided or not.

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Customer Information Window – Ship To

The Ship To tab is where you will manage multiple ship-to locations, as well as the Tax Category and any mapping information. It is also where you manage the EDI information if you use EDI. The Location ID is how

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Carton Options for Packaging Manager

The Acctivate Packaging Manager module has a few options for automatically creating cartons in a  shipment.  These packaging options are often dictated by your EDI Trading Partner (customer). Here’s a summary of the four Packaging Options available in Acctivate Packaging

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Shipping Workstation Interface

Shipping Workstation Interface overview Setting up your shipping software to Acctivate is a simple concept with only a couple of elements. If you have been registered for the Acctivate Shipping Workstation Interface module, you need to create a database source

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FedEx Shipping Workstation Installation (Non EDI/Packaging Manager)

Configuring FedEx Ship Manager to Import data from Acctivate The process of setting-up FedEx Ship Manager to work with Acctivate is fairly straightforward and can typically be completed in 30 minutes to one hour. 1.   Make certain that you complete

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UPS Shipping Workstation Installation Guide (Non EDI/Packaging Manager)

Configuring UPS WorldShip to Import data from Acctivate 1.   Make certain that you complete the ODBC setup before you begin the UPS WorldShip integration process. (Note: UPS Worldship requires the use of a 32-bit ODBC connection.) 2.   Inside of UPS Online

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ShipRush connection to Acctivate

Acctivate can be integrated with the Z-Firm ShipRush shipping workstation software.  ShipRush is a great alternative to carrier shipping software, such as UPS WorldShip, FedEx Ship Manager or First, you’ll need to purchase ShipRush from Z-Firm.  Please contact ShipRush

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Shipping Label Format (GS1-128)

UCC/GS1-128 Shipping Label

Acctivate can generate standard GS1-128 shipping labels often required by EDI Trading Partners.  These labels were formerly know as UCC/EAN-128 labels, depending on your region. For the SSCC portion of the barcode, you’ll need to be sure to setup the

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Tracking numbers from FedEx Ship Manager or UPS Worldship are not appearing in Acctivate

If tracking numbers are not appearing on the Packages tab of the Sales Order screen in Acctivate after processing a shipment in UPS Worldship or Fedex Ship Manager, there is likely an issue with the export setup in your shipping

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