Configuring StarShip with Acctivate

When Acctivate partnered with StarShip, a generic integration file was created that is compatible with the Acctivate database structure. Once you have the StarShip server and clients setup, StarShip Support will load this generic integration file. If any changes are

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“Acctivate could not install all the required updates. Error 1935” may be received when updating Acctivate

After updating Acctivate, new components will install that may affect the existing installation. If one of these components fail to install during the Acctivate update, see the Acctivate Log to see which component it is. Since 10.3 crystal reports components

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How to find the temporary file location for email attachments

Whenever a user goes to click Email Invoice or any other email that automatically attaches a document, it’s stored on the users local machine. If the user ever needs to review a previous attachment outside of Acctivate. They would just

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Adding new assembly workflow statuses

Acctivate gives the user the ability to modify not only the workflow for sales orders, but also on Assemblies as well. If you need to add a new assembly workflow status, you can do that by going to File >

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How to use the Preview XML tool to view xml outputs for a webstore template

Starting in Acctivate 10.3, users will be able to view what the xml output will look like after importing in a web store order. This is helpful in determining what fields are being mapped on the “Mapping” window and values

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Using the Assemblies tab on the Business Alerts window

Starting in Acctivate 10.3, users will be able to see what assemblies are waiting to be built and what sales orders are tied to them. This also gives the ability to create multiple assembly transactions at the same time. To

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Add or removing columns in Order Manager using the column chooser

In order manager, users have the option to add or remove columns that appear for their custom bar. This will allow the user to remove extraneous information or add custom fields to their own bar views. Click on Sales >

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Emailing a transaction or sales type reports

Starting in Acctivate 10.3, users have the ability to send a report without attaching reports manually. First bring up the report you would like to send. In this example, we can use the most recent Inventory receipt report under Inventory

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Changing the Mobile Order show room report

Mobile order showroom gives the ability to create an order on the fly directly from your mobile device. There are a two simple options that come along with this functionality. These options can be found under File> Configuration Manager >

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How to show Kit Components on Mobile Device on the order picking window

In order to display or scan kit components to update the quantity for the kit, follow these steps to enable that option. Go to File > Configuration Manager Click on Mobile then “Order Picking” On the Mobile Order Picking window,

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